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Friday, July 11, 2014

Muffin Tin Lunches

Anyone who has a toddler can agree that sometimes you have to get a little creative to get them to eat... well, anything.

I was a wonderful parent, before I had kids... I swore that my children would eat what was put in front of them, and would not complain. They'd clear their plates and tell me what a wonderful meal it was, then they'd happily skip into the kitchen and do the dishes.

I'll wait here while you clutch your stomach from laughing... at me.

Mmmhmm....Hi there. My name is Kylee. I buy cheese in Mickey Mouse shapes so that my toddler may deign to eat it (all: Hiiiii Kylee)

I also tempt my kid with different things by presenting them in such a way that appeals to him - making him think "hey, I have a choice here!"

Enter, the "Muffin Tin Lunch". Nothing new or exciting or mind-blowing. Just a muffin tin with:

  • Sugar snap peas
  • Cheese
  • Grapes
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • A peanut butter sandwich cut into fingers

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Tell me YOUR ideas for toddler wrangling?!

H happily eating his lunch


  1. "I was a wonderful parent, before I had kids" -- PREACH!

    Also, H is freakin' adorable!

  2. Great idea! Although my toddler would still find a way to throw all the veggies on the floor or demand mac-and-cheese.


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